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The 5th China International Food Processing and Packing Equipment Exhibition

Sponsors: China National Food Industry Association
China Food And Packaging Machinery Industry Association
Beijing Shuang Lang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Assistant Organizer: Local Food Industry Association
China National Food Newspaper Office
China National Food Quality Newspaper Office
Chia Food & Beverage Online
China Food Industry Net
Organizer: Beijing Shuang Lang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
World Food and Packaging Machinery
Exhibition review and market outlook
The 4th China International Food Processing & Packing Equipment Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing during April 20-22, 2006. We are privileged to serve: LOMA, XiaMen GuangXia, Watanabe, Weilong, Yang Jenq Machinery, Jincheng, Huayuan, Sandvik, Oshikiri, YingHUi, KOYO, Kuihong, XinNanFang, ShuiZhouChengTao, ShangTong, PengHong, Zhenghua, HundredMachinery, JIaLi, Hyundai, Jhen Ten, HongMing,FuruiTe, SaiDe, Nissin Fiow, General Motors, Yuda Light, Seven Star, Omron,Ruipai and so on, totally 300 enterprises. It is the largest exhibition in the north in the food industry, and the past CIFIE exhibitions have attracted the food technology, processing, production, and packing enterprises and agents from more than 10 countries and areas, including China, the U.K. the US, France, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Holland, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They have exhibited all kinds of international and domestic leading food processing technologies and packing equipments. CIFIE-2006 has been one of the exhibitions that have the largest scale, the greatest influence, and the brightest prospect.
In terms of the market demand, along with the increasing prospering of the world commodity economy, there is large demand in the world packing market; it is predicted that, after the WTO accession, GDP in 2010 will double to 2,000B dollars, and relevant packing market scale will reach at least 500B-600B Yuan, therefore there is great demand for packing equipment. According to the expert forecast, the global demand for packing equipment will increase by 5.3%, and will reach nearly 40B dollars in 2010, and China and India will occupy the largest market share. Therefore, the international and domestic demand for packing equipment are both great.
CIFIE-2007 The 5th China International Food Processing & Packing Equipment Exhibition will be held in China International Exhibition Center during April 27-29, 2007, and the exhibition area will reach 22000 sq.m., it will integrate exhibition, forum, and communication into a whole and provide fist-class service for you, and it will become the gold exhibition in China food industry.
New field, new planning, new time: CIFIE-2007 will be moved to China International Exhibition Center, and the host unit will organize the grand exhibition with completely new conception and operation mode, in order to build the leading brand of the exhibition.
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