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Take Out Type Vacuum Packed Machine(KENO-V101)
Take Out Type Vacuum Packed Machine(KENO-V101)
Product Description
Machine characteristics: Sprayed and whole stainless steel two kinds of, the whole closing, operations is simple, the physical volume is small and move convenience, can consume low, the vacuum is effective. Apply profession: Be applicable to the vacuum-packed of the electronics product, food, defend tide such as the semi-conductor, crystal, IC, PCB, the metalwork piece, defend to oxidize to change countenance etc. Through packing of the product can prevent from oxidize, the mildewed change, insect, affect by damp and cold and can protect quality and protect fresh, prolong the saving period of the product.
Machine size(mm):  L670 X W460 X H1000MM
Set noodles size:  W600 X L400MM
Hot valid size(mm):  600MM
Power supply power: 220V 50Hz 2.8KW
Machine weight:  80KG
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