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LLDPE stretch film(Machine film)
LLDPE stretch film(Machine film)
Product Description
PE stretched film/twisted film, is also called LLDPE flexibility film/packaging film, is a kind of polyethylene plastic film which is transparent, flexibility and intensity, as well as nonpoisonous and harmless soft, has met the standard of international environment protection, under the condition of no-heating, can do cold stretching vertically and horizontally, and pack kinds of products depending on its self-stickiness, moreover, makes the packed goods keep tense and not loose in a long term, and wraps all goods as the integer tightening with its high intensity and large flexibility force. The stretched packaging may save more materials than the shrinking packaging, and also is more energy-saving compared with the shrinking packaging; Has the effect of nicer loose-proof, rain-proof, dust-proof, as well as theft-proof, and so on.
Single adhesive products can reduce the film surface pollution caused by the dust, sand grain during the transportation.
Be suited to the tray transportation or goods stack board packaging, and are all damp-proof, dust-proof to reduce the manual work, improve the efficiency, and finally reach the aim of protecting the products and lowering the cost. Especially be suited to goods stack board packaging transportation task for exerting the strength and toughness and self-stickiness of the glue film, cooperating with many layers tension to bind tensely when enlacing, and in order to get the best effect of stack board packaging. Also is suitable to cycle the exhibitive products (goods and machinery) in the exhibition; As well as the semi-manufactured goods, and so on.
Our products have better Tensile strength, tear resistance, strong anti penetration, high adhesive and shrinkage rate, compact package for the product etc. Characteristic. And they are widely used in the packing of Furniture, electronic, transport, etc.
Classification of our products:
A. Machine wrap film(5KG≤Weight≤27KG)
B. Hand wrap film
C. Color:
1. Natural for packaging of Furniture, transport packaging
2. Black for resist ultraviolet ray(Electronic)
3. Blue for environment safeguard (medicine)
Manufacture ability of our company:
1. Thickness: 15micron-50micron(conventional: 20micron)
2. Width: 100mm-10000mm(conventional: 250, 260, 450, 500mm)
3. Length: According to your special requirement but Net Weight less than 27KG/roll
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