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BOPP tape
Product Description
Detailed Product Description
Self Adhesive BOPP tapes have added a whole new dimension to packaging. The biaxial oriented Polypropylene film has superior adhesive, which is applied by the latest state-of-the-art-coating machine. The latest technology is carefully formulated and produced to deliver high tackiness, greater holding power and adhesion strength. These tapes have perfectly cross-linked adhesive, which provides internal molecular strength and elasticity, with no molecular distortion during succeeding operations, the adhesive lasts longer. The base film is also superior because of its cross directional orientation & Shock proof Characteristics. It resists splitting along the cartons center seam
Type of Tapes:
Water Based Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes
Transparent, Brown, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Or Any Other Color
Width: 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm & 72 mm
Small roll Length: 50 meters, 65 meters, 100 meters, 100 meters & 1000 meters
Thickness: 40Micron 43 Micron, 45 Micron, 50 Micron & 55 Micron, 60Micron, 65Micron.
Printing: Multicolor Rotogravure Printing

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