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Color box sample maker cutting machine
Color box sample maker cutting machine
Type: Model1310/1713/2516/3016/3520
Characteristics: High precision(error≤0.02mm), ease to operate, saving time of the proof, stability and durability. It is used in such plants as color box, color print, packing, absorbing plastic folding box and laser tool.
1. It can cut many different materials. Such as card paper, plastic board, compound paper.
2. Folding functionit can press an accurate folding line on card paper and offset board.
3. Half cutting and dotted lineit can cut a side of paper and draw dotted and folding line according to the customer's needs.
4. Location it can accurately locate and cut the printed paper box.
5. Drawing functionIt can draw an accurate figure on a paper and a film.
Max speed: 800mm/s    
Min. Cut Diameter:6mm
Input area:32MB
Max. Thick:15mm
Precision :≤0.1mm      
Vacuum:  5.5K
Control: Servo/Step
Data form: HPGL
Voltage: 220v/50HZ
Data port: ISA port
Dimension(mm):3150X2380X1150/2370X2200X1150/1960X1890X1150/ 1650X1350X1080/ 1350X1030X1080
Effective cutting area(mm):2500X1600/1700X1300/1300X1000/1200X900/900X600
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