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PET strap tape
PET strap tape
Product Description
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PET packaging strap/plastic metal strap is the latest bundling strap which is popular in the international market and it is to replace the steel strapping band, and it is widely used in industries such as steels, aluminum materials, fabric, cotton spinning, tobacco, papermaking, making jar in metal, and so on.
1. PET plastic metal strap is an excellent packaging material that is fine property of anti-pulling power, melting and connection.
2. Has fine capacity of keeping the tension for a long time after the package, so as to ensure the goods have superexcellent attack defense during the long-distance transportation
3. Can use the PET plastic metal strap to package directly and the goods is harmless and not erosion.
4. Fine flexibility and the operation is safe. The edge of the PET plastic strap is not so sharp as the steel strap, so it will not scratch the goods or hurt the hands even the tension is strong, and need no special tool to cutting off the strap when open the package.
5. Good adaptation, may keep its fine stable performance under the temperature of -50centigrade--100centigrade
6. With characteristics of beautiful appearance, environmental protection and reusable.
7. It is economical. The density of the PET plastic strap is just equal to 1/6 the steel strap. The price is relatively low (in term of the length unit), the length of one ton of the plastic metal strap is equal to six tons of the steel strap, and the cost is also lower (per meter).
Width: 9-32mm
Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
Colors: Green, black and transparent
Surface: Smooth and stamping
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