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Shoe pattern computerized cutting machine
Shoe pattern computerized cutting machine
Cutting machine
1. Using the import synchronous belt as the driving belt
2. It can be compared with any of the foreign cuttter for the max speed is more than 2 times than the similar products of China.
3. Inherit the traditional of high precision, it can meet this field's requirement.
4. With a design idea of advanced, scientific, practically and high precision, it has a high quality of stability and easy to operate.
5. It can cut many kinds of materials, fitting many functions in one machine, making it possessing a high stability and operation.
6. The control panel is easy to use. Cutting and operating the computer at a same time.
7.It can be compatible with any costume CAD software.
1. Model :KENO-QG1209, KENO-QG1509, KENO-QG1512
2. Cutting area:1200X900mm, 1500X900mm, 1500X1200mm
3. Fixing paper way:vacuum
4. Driving material:Import synchronous belt
5. Cutting material: Red hard board, plastic board, white board, brown packing paper, fibre
6. Cutting way:Drawing. Cutting, half cutting
7. Cutting thickness:0.5-2mm
8. Cutting precision:≤0.1mm
9. Overlap precision:≤0.1mm
10. Resolution ratio:0.025mm
11. Max speed:1000mm/s
12. Working time& feature:Continuing work, operating computer and cutting at the same time, linear high-speed transmission for data
13. Transport port International standard, parallel port/RSC 232 serial port
Buffer area capacity:Buffer area of large capacity can finish high speed transmission of data at a time
14. Instruction system:International standard, HP-GL/DM-PL any form whole compatible with CAD
15. Numerical control board :LCD, ALL-Chinese operation menu, contact button
16. Tool type:Special steel blade
17. Pen type:General signing pen, oil pen, ball pen
18. Main structure:Cutting platform, head, driving system, control cabinet, control 19. Micro-computer, frame
19. Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ
20. Fuse standard:5A
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