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Fast shoes design and grade system
Fast shoes design and grade system
Model: Fast v 6.5 high class version
1. A pattern of a hemihedral board can be inputted by the scanner or the digitizer.
2. Automatically adding side from the hemihedral board
3. Folding sides accurately control the distance pressing side
4. Different distance between two lines is shared
5. Single side-control of symmetric internal and external waist makes the grade more accurate
6. Bun shoe: Disorderly arrange and allowance of pinhole of different size
7. Control of length and width of boots; Control of the height of the heel of a sports-shoe
8. Sandals: Fixing width or dividing sections of shoelace
Keeping the same form for curve in grade: The special progress of the mouth line of a shoe, the special requirement of the grading progress
9. Sole: Control of different distance of big and middle sole lines, control of three sections of the heel width.
10. Sole model: Providing sole pattern store, the sole pattern figure can automatically fill with revising side line.
11. Automatically dimensioning each pattern to form a list, scientifically classifying and storing for searching convenience
12. Directly grading series of shoe pattern in the extant patterns
13. Rapidly inquiring and revising lines of patterns and control information
14. It is compatible with different input and export equipment and many forms of documents to be easy to exchange other system.
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