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KENO-W106 Automatic wrapping machinery
KENO-W106 Automatic wrapping machinery
Product Description
Turn on the power; Choose job mode on the screen controller (Manual or Auto); Pull out suitable film, twist onto the enwinding object; Push button 7 to press pallet; Push button 5 to run roller conveyor; Push button9 to wrap forward after 3circle wrapping and push button 3 to wrap backward; (Manual) Push button 0 to start; (Auto); Cut the film when wrapping finish.
Characteristic andstrong point:
Adopting programmable control (PLC) and screen controller
Equipped with a photoelectric detector, automatically testing the goods height and controlling the travel limit.
Rotary table can reset automatically
Pre-stretch unit (Option)
The product will be pushed out automatically after the product finished packing.
Electricity: AC220V, 1 P/ 380V, 3 P, 50Hz or 60Hz
Power: 900W
Air pressure: 4-6kg/cm2
Roller diameter: 159mm
Length: Option
Roller speed: 0-45r/min
Capacity weight: 1500kg
Machine dimensions: L3000mmXW1450mmXH1227mm
Wrapping size: Package DIA: 450-1500mm
Max packaging length: 2200mm
Machine color: Blue/Yellow or Gray / Blue (option)
Machine weight: 1300kg
Gross weight: 1500kg
Wooden box size: L3200XW 1700XH 1000
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