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KENO-F111 liquid filling machinery
KENO-F111 liquid filling machinery
Product Description
KENO-F111 Automatic liquid filling machine
This series is widely used in the film packing of milk, and soy milk, all kinds of drinks, soy vinegar, yellow wine etc, all packing procedures: Ultraviolet ray sterilization, molding of bag, print of dates, filling with fixed quantity, sealing and cutting and numeration, all components are made of stainless steels and are designed to meet state hygienic standard, A and B model adopt single-layer polyethylene film while C liquid of different colors and flavor in one package, C model are categorized as middle sealing, side sealing and photo-electric detection.
Model   KENO-F111A   KENO-F111B   KENO-F111C
Speed   1500-2100b/h   1500b/h   1000-1800b/h
Capacity   100-500ml   100-500ml   100-1000ml
Packing size   L30-150XW120-160mm   L30-190XW84-120mm   L30-240XW120-160mm
Power   1.2KW220VAC/380VAG   1.2KW220VAC/380VAG   1.2KW220VAC/380VAG
Weight   270kg   320kg   330kg
Overall dimensions   850X800X1800mm   950X850X1900mm   1050X850X1850mm
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